Diego Sans, Jay Seabrook

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Hairy chested big muscle hunk Diego Sans is working out with gym buddy ripped stud Jay Seabrook.

But Diego has lost his workout mojo during a set of press-ups and Jay comes up with a neat plan to get Diego all fired up and able to finish his reps and more.

Standing right over Diego, Jay drops his shorts showing him his peachy butt cheeks asking if he wants to fuck them.

Diego’s big soft dick springs up fully erect and his huge crotch bulge is tenting his gym shorts.

Jay then squats so that Diego can fuck his hot hole every time he does a press-up.

Getting overly horny the Diego strip off his sports kit and power fucks Jay’s tight bubble ass in long deep raw fuck strokes.

Jay then sucks Diego’s big erect cock gagging as his big bell end hits the back of his deep throat.

Diego rolls his muscle bottom, Jay, over and parts his ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue in deep in his hot hole.

As they lie side by side on the padded gym mat, Diego slips his huge hard dick in and out of Jay’s bare asshole making him cry out with pleasure.

They switch positions each time Diego plunges his super hard erection deeper and deeper into Jay’s willing bubble butt.

Jay’s moaning increasing in intensity as Diego’s ass pummeling goes into overdrive before Jay sprays a huge cum load all across his abs and chest.

Diego seeing his man’s explosive cumshot, erupts spewing jizz all over them both, before fucking the cum back into Jay’s freshly fucked ass hole.

These guys cool down by giving each other facials, then celebrate with a chest bump and a high five.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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