Malik Delgaty, Benjamin Blue

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Benjamin Blue is visiting a straight dude Malik Delgaty and his wife who are celebrating a baby gender reveal party.

As he bends over his jeans split open so his bare ass is exposed. As this happens he happens to find a big dildo under the sofa.

Benjamin gives in to temptation and fucks his hole with the toy, then rides it on the couch… until Malik and his family arrive.

Benjamin does his best to sneak away, but the toy stays behind, where one of the grandmas-to-be finds it.

Malik gives his gay buddy a real cock to play with and Benjamin sneakily sucks it, then Malik fucks him doggy style and cums on his ass just as his wife does the gender reveal.

Malik isn’t done, fucking Benjamin in missionary and piledriver before Benjamin orgasms and the top gives him a facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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