Markus Kage, Malik Delgaty

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Sexy tattooed big muscle dude Markus Kage’s GF has been stuck abroad and he’s not had sex for months, his balls are blue and bursting with cum.

Marcus shares his house with big gay muscled stud Malik Delgaty, who is always having gay hookups night and day, every day of the week and Marcus is just a little bit envious.

As Marcus passes Malik’s open bedroom door he catches a glimpse of Malik stripping off and jerking his big thick dick to a webcam sex buddy.

The sight of Malik’s ripped muscles and his huge hard erection flood Markus with horny feelings and he lingers a little bit too long and gets busted.

Then whilst Malik is cleaning up in the shower Markus pops in and secretly switches the water off but then slips on the floor ending up on his ass as Malik pulls back the shower curtain.

Malik drops his towel and Malik reaches up from the floor and sucks down hard on Malik’s huge erect cock, swallowing it hard to the back of his throat.

Malik then turns the bi-curious muscle hunk Markus to the wall and forces his big thick cock deep between his ass cheeks till his balls.

Markus moans with pleasure as he feels Malik’s big cock moving inside him, with long strong strokes in and out as Markus contracts his ass muscles making Malik increase the pressure as he pushing in.

Markus enjoys the raw bare ass fucking so much, that he changes position and rides Malik reverse, then he takes it deeper in piledriver till he sprays cum all over his abs.

Malik then pulls out and fires a volley of cum shots all over Markus’s asshole before fucking the cum back inside.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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