Antony Carter, Lucian Fair

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Southern Strokes says: Spandex biking twinks fucking Antony Carter’s huge uncut dick bare fucking Lucian Fair’s smooth hole.

Nothing makes me as horny as riding my bike with my stepbrother, Lucian.

Lucian and I have been family for three years, but it feels like we’ve known each other forever, which makes sex between us so hot.

It gets intense quickly, and that’s how we love it.

We started kissing, but Lucian was more interested in sucking my dick and licking my balls.

Then I dropped him on his back, lifted his legs, sucked his uncut dick, and licked his balls.

My mouth drives him crazy. Then I went down to his ass and gave it a good licking.

I played with his hole and got it ready for my dick.

I slid my meat in his asshole and slammed it over and over again until Lucian was shooting cum.

My load wasn’t far behind.

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