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Seemingly out of nowhere, Jeremy London’s partner has just broken up with him via text message.

His now ex-bae is dissatisfied by the lack of sex and excitement within their relationship. It’s over.

Newly dumped Jeremy is feeling more than a little betrayed, bitter, and angry.

But he’s concocted a way to harness all that emotion into some truly tasty revenge.

Over the course of three encounters and multiple anonymous loads, this jilted dumpee will transform into a total Cum Dump. READ MORE

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Gabriel Phoenix has gone out of his way to ensure that his best friend JP Dubois has a great time before tying the knot.

But JP’s not quite satiated yet, one last fuck with his best man is all he truly wants.

Always the best mate, Gabriel doesn’t hesitate to help a buddy out; it is after all, what he wanted.

The pair finds themselves sucking, licking, and flip-fucking their way to absolute fulfillment. READ MORE

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There’s been an unexpected shift of power in the sexy second chapter of The Office.

After informing Damon Heart he is preparing to take action for his in-office sexual encounters, CEO Manuel Skye’s hidden camera habits are unexpectedly revealed.

Face to face and with equal levels of blackmail, Damon proposes a way in which Boss and Employee might settle this matter more privately.

See in his office CEO Manuel Skye gets his cock sucked by horny colleague Damon Heart here! READ MORE

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After vacating yesterday’s photo shoot, Dakota Payne returns to complete his session with Nick Fitt.

This time, the young model unexpectedly strips down to his birthday suit.

Nick, surprised but hardly offended, did not plan for this to be a nude shoot.

Dakota proposes that a pre-shoot “warm up” could help inspire both model and photographer.

See sexy young stud Dakota Payne’s big dick fucks Nick Fitt’s hot bubble ass here! READ MORE

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Bossman Manuel Skye keeps a close eye on his employees, particularly on their crotches.

Unbeknownst to them, he has hidden cameras placed under the desks of all of his male employees.

He enjoys the various views from his own desk while discreetly stroking his rod, but today he’s in for a real show; compliments of his sexy employees Damon Heart and Teddy Torres.

See sexy young hunks Damon Heart and Teddy Torres’ office sex show spied by the boss Manuel Skye here! READ MORE

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Cameraman Nick Fitt is amazed by the terrific photography space he has just acquired.

However, it comes with a catch; some say it’s haunted, taking on a new “life” under the darkness of night.

Intrigued but not deterred, he carries on with the shoot, only to discover a presence slowly unveiling itself.

Soon Nick comes face to face and dick to ass with a stranger in a deliciously sexual dream. Or was it even a dream? READ MORE