Sonny Davon

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The Maestre, our man in the mask, has a plan: to recruit as many young boys as he can for his Brotherhood of Games.

How? In this case, through a mysterious gift that comes to Sonny Davon’s hands.

And not only to the hands. The Master will guide our boy to stimulate himself very well as the best sex toy he could have given him.

Because Sonny can no longer simply touch himself, he wants more and fill the void he feels in his hole.

In the absence of a man to insert his penis, the masked man sends him this anal stimulator with which our young friend will see the stars.

Sonny deflowers his ass penetrating himself with this toy, first little by little, enjoying every millimeter of this object of pleasure, until he has it completely in his butt.

Sonny enjoys, moans, squirms on his bed while biting his lip.

The Master is as if he were by his side, he tells him what to do, guides him, dominates him every second, while the boy asks for more or, rather, begs for more.

And El Maestre stimulates him as only he knows, with his games and unique ways of having fun.

The orgasm will be crazy, an explosion of pleasure where Sonny will be exhausted and grateful.

What will come … in the next chapter the lucky one will be Italo Van Newen, who will not only receive one of the mysterious and hot packages from El Maestre, but also a visit from a delivery boy.

Will Italo dare to play with the toy and the delivery boy? Find out in the next episode of “Brotherhood of Games.”

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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