Bishop Angus, Austin Young

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Apprentice Austin Young helped Bishop Angus out of his suit, stunned by the appearance of his broad, muscular chest. He was wider across his pecs than the apprentice was in his entire frame.

As he saw the older man’s own garments, he was taken with the stark contrast between the crisp white fabric and the dark, dense hair covering his forearms and chest.

He was truly one of the most handsome men Apprentice Young had ever seen, and he was eagerly waiting for his opportunity to take him inside once more.

Bishop Angus took off the remainder of the apprentice’s clothing, leaving him completely bare and ready for service.

The young man followed the older daddy’s commands and leaned over a nearby daybed. Bishop Angus brought his crotch right up to the apprentice’s mouth, giving him a face full of his throbbing meat.

The hungry young man happily inhaled the warm musk of the rugged bear, watching as he pulled his thick shaft through his underwear. Apprentice Young didn’t need a second command to know what he had to do next.

He brought the veiny tool to his mouth and exhaled on it as it filled his throat.

Tears began to trickle down the apprentice’s face, feeling the initial discomfort of having a foreign object lodged in his skull.

He quickly wiped his face clear of the wetness, getting back to servicing the older man and keeping him wet and hard.

Apprentice Young knew it was going right into his hole shortly after, so the wetter he could make it, the easier it would go inside.

Apprentice Young was surprised by how quickly Bishop Angus moved to prepare to breed him. The big man turned the boy around, resting his ass on the arm of the daybed, presented up like it was just a hole for him to use.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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