Marcus Rivers, Matthew Figata

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Summary storyIt took Apprentice Marcus Rivers a moment to get his eyes used to the bright, white room. Master Matthew Figata smiled warmly and told the boy to sit down on the couch before explaining that he was due to be …

Full StoryApprentice Rivers has certainly been put through his paces since joining the Order. Just a few weeks ago, he was brutally punished by two of the masters, who choked and whipped him until he was literally screaming for mercy. And yesterday, he was summoned to meet Master Figata in one of the white rooms.

He knew exactly who Figata was, despite never having spoken to him. In fact, the moment Rivers saw Master Figata, surrounded by acolytes and walking down one of the building’s long corridors, he was as good as hooked.

Figata is one of those supremely handsome, all-American, older guys who exudes confidence and radiates magnetism. Being called to meet with him threw the boy into a complete panic.

Rivers was told he could expect to be “ordained” but had no idea what that meant. It didn’t sound like a form of punishment, but since arriving at the complex, Rivers has learned to continually expect the unexpected…

He knocked on the door, hands trembling so much that his fist hardly made a sound on the wood. Figata called for him to enter. His voice sounded breezy and friendly, but that didn’t stop Rivers from walking into the space feeling sick with nerves.

It took the boy a moment to get his eyes used to the bright room. Every wall was either painted white, or lined with billowing, blinding white curtains. Figata stood in the middle of the room, beautifully turned-out in an expensive white suit. Rivers could smell the master’s aftershave the moment he entered; its heady blend of dark tobacco and myrrh-like scents made the boy entirely weak at the knees.

Figata smiled and told the boy to sit down on the couch. His warm smile made Rivers blush. Figata sat down real close to him and explained that he was due to be ordained, before starting to run his hands, somewhat seductively, down Rivers’ back.

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