JJ Knight, Andy Taylor

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Sexy young blonde punk Andy Taylor answers the door to the parcel delivery man who hands him a strangely shaped package and asks for his signature.

Andy rushes back inside when he bumps into his preppy downstair’s neighbor JJ Knight who grabs the pointed top of it to reveal a big black rubber sex toy.

It turns out to be the very latest bucking Bronco fucking machine.

Young Andy is mortified that his hot neighbor might know about his secret rushes back to his apartment and plugs it in.

Stripping off naked Andy hovers over the and slides the rubber dick deep into his well-lubed hole.

As the motor turns the vibrating dildo pummels his asshole making him moan loudly with pleasure.

He is so happy to have a big dick in his aching hole again.

The vibrations from the machine shake the whole house and the ceiling falls in and Andy drops into JJ’s place landing directly in front of him.

JJ is quick to take advantage of the situation and flops out his huge soft cock which gets fully erect in seconds.

Andy, who secretly had a big crush on his well-endowed neighbor sucks his dick right to the back of his throat, gagging in it as it hits the back of his deep throat.

JJ forces his thick cock between Andy’s smooth ass cheeks getting it balls deep in long hard strokes from tip to base.

Andy’s moaning increases as JJ bare fucks his tight young hole until he can take no more and he blows a huge cum load across his flat stomach.

JJ pulls out and coats his bare ass with his load before fucking his cum back inside.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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