Andy Taylor, Michael Del Ray

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Michael Del Ray is sat on the sofa watching TV when his young cute stepbrother, Andy Taylor, enters asking him to hand over the car keys as it is his turn to take the car.

Michael insists that he still has one day left before he can give the car to his younger stepbro. Andy is adamant that Michael’s time is up and he should get the keys.

As both sexy boys won’t budge handsome hunk Michael offers Andy a deal, he can have the car keys if Andy sucks his dick twice a day for the next week.

Michael unzips his pants and lets his big soft cock flop out.

Andy on his knees swallows Michael’s big cock and holds tightly onto his cum filled balls and he feels his soft dick getting harder as it hit the back of his throat.

Michael’s thick cock is now super erect and choking young Andy as he gets it balls deep.

With Andy bent over Michael’s parts his smooth bubble ass cheeks getting his tongue into his hot hole, and licking his crack.

Andy is quiet during all this anal action so Michael moves on and forces his super erection into Andy’s spit-lubed hole.

They switch up positions this time with Andy on top, lowering his butt hole onto Michael’s awaiting big dick.

As Andy is in control he grinds his ass hole down hard filling his tight young hole with Michael’s throbbing cock, making Andy moan with pleasure.

Michael now supports Andy’s ass with both hands helping him press his hole harder down on his dick.

Both young dudes are close to orgasm now first Andy sprays jizz all over his chest and abs while Michael’s cock is still pummelling his ass.

Then Michael pulls out and shoots cum all over bare butt before fucking his load back inside Andy’s freshly fucked asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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