Manuel Rios, Joaquin Arrenas

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Sexy young hotties Manuel Rios and Joaquin Arrenas tramp through the woods on their way to their summer house, all the while flirting and feeling horny.

As soon as they arrive they make their way to the bedroom and embrace, make out passionately.

Manuel reaches around and pulls down Joaquin’s shorts just enough to expose his peachy ass cheeks, which he squeezes hard with both hands.

He pushes Joaquin down onto the bed and swallows the whole length of his huge uncut dick, making Joaquin moan loudly with delight.

Joaquin loves Manuel’s foreplay as he runs his wet tongue all the way from his slightly hairy asshole up across his balls and to the tip of his cockhead.

Now with Joaquin’s legs over his head, and holding his ass cheeks apart, Manuel rims his hole, getting the top of his tongue right in deep.

Joaquin wanks his rock-hard cock before they switch and Joaquin blows Manuel’s thick erect uncut dick staring lovingly into Manuel’s eyes.

Manuel now totally turned on, forces his huge uncut dick into Joaquin’s well-lubed asshole as Joaquin breathes heavily and relaxes his anal muscles to opens his hole as wide as possible.

There is a slow ramp up of Manual’s fucking, at first a gentle in and out, with each stroke more intense until Manual is power fucking Joaquin’s bubble butt.

Joaquin then jumps up and hovers over Manual, pressing his raw hole onto Manual’s massive erection, this time it slides straight in and Joaquin controls the pressure and tempo quickly bringing them both coming close to orgasm a number of times.

But Joaquin is a past ass fucking master and doesn’t want that glorious feeling to end keeps up the rhythm, changing positions a number of times.

With each change, Manuel gets deeper and harder and soon both young men can’t hold off no longer.

Joaquin orgasms first spraying his hot jizz all over his abs and balls, while Manuel continues to fuck him.

Manuel pulls out just in time as he delivers a huge cum gusher all over Joaquin’s hole and ass before shoving that creamy load back inside as they reach in for a romantic kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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