Ryan Bailey and Leo Frost

Ryan Bailey and Leo Frost are meeting face to face at the park for the first time to see if they vibe together. There’s definitely playful sparks flying between the two and a fiery first kiss that leads them back to the bedroom.

Frost immediately understands where Bailey’s cocksure bravado comes from when he heads down below the boy’s waistline. The dude’s got a huge cock and little Leo looks like a kid in a candy store with the biggest prize while bobbing on that knob. READ MORE

Ronan Lyle

Ronan Lyle is a young man who knew one of our other models and wanted to earn some holiday money and he is one of these young men who doesn’t care if he is clothes or naked.

He is pretty cocky in his clothes and as they come off he gains even more confidence.

He loves being naked and he has a really big cock at least 8 inches and it spends much of the shoot hard.

Ronan has an unusual talent and today you can see his amazing skill at sucking cock. READ MORE

Vittorio Vega and Colin Horner

It’s not just the French who can do sensuality and romance, as Brit boy, Drew Brooks, discovers when he observes the antics of horny locals, Vittorio Vega and Colin Horner during his time in Prague.

Supping tea together, these two buddies literally can’t hold back from touching each other; playing footsie together under the table, flicking suggestive glances at one another, and then finally heading to a private room to explore each other’s handsome bodies. READ MORE

Sean Cody Murray and Sean

Golden-skinned Murray cannot help but to show off his boxing skills any chance he gets. The tall, chiseled stud loves to get a training in when he can, and teaching beefy hunk Sean a thing or two.

“We’re supposed to be lovers, not fighters!” says dark-haired Sean, as he narrowly misses a right hook and plants a kiss on Murray. “I used to do a little amateur boxing. It kept me in shape and I plan on getting back into it,” says Murray. READ MORE

Wagner Vittoria, Jeffrey Lloyd, Geordie Jackson and Leo Rex

Power bottoms Wagner Vittoria and Jeffrey Lloyd are always hungry for some Alpha Cum, either in their mouth or up their ass.

Alpha-top Geordie Jackson never disappoints a little bottom bitch when he breeds him, and Jeffrey Lloyd is lucky enough to take a rough fucking from him in this encounter.

And while Geordie is fucking Jeffrey bareback, Leo Rex takes control of Wagner and raw-dogs him too.

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Eddie Medina and Guy Lima

Eddie Medina and Guy Lima are both hot and horny guys ready to have some fun and bust a nut, but first comes the foreplay. As they kiss, the clothes come off and Guy drop to his knees, mouth around Eddie’s sweet prick as he sucks that shaft while Eddie watches him from above.

When it’s Guy’s turn to receive, he lets Eddie lie him down on the bed as Eddie grasps Guy’s huge dick, running his hand and mouth along it as he struggles to take even half that fat cock down his throat. READ MORE

Liam Cullen

Liam Cullen is a handsome young lad, and today he’s in for a massage and doesn’t seem to mind having a guy’s hands on him.

First his smooth body is relaxing on the bed and he allows his front and back to be massaged before his underwear gets pulled off, and soon his uncut dick is hard and he’s being wanked.

He wanks himself too and also films some of it, then lays back and enjoys being worked off, unloading his balls over himself. READ MORE

Spencer Laval and Nathan Styles

It’s not like Nathan Styles hasn’t seen buddy Spencer Laval’s dick before after all, they played football together all through high school, but now that the two of them are sharing their first jerk off together, Nathan suddenly has an insatiable urge to get a taste of what Spencer is packing.

As Spencer shifts the position of the screen they’re watching, Nathan takes his chance, quickly wrapping his lips around the head of Spencer’s cock and downing it. Spencer is surprised, but his cock gets rock hard as soon as Nathan tongues it, so he lets Nathan have a mouth full, choking him with his meaty pole as Nathan spits all over it. READ MORE