Mason Lear, Maxx Monroe

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Summary StoryMaxx Monroe and Mr. Mason Lear’s relationship has gone to a whole new level. Ever since they first started exploring each other’s bodies, there’s a new degree of closeness between them they’d never expected to …

Full StoryMaxx needed some comfort after a bad dream, so he crawled into bed with his dad to calm down and fall back asleep. Mr. Lear welcomed his son and both fell asleep again. Being in their underwear meant that they were skin-to-skin as they slept, with Mr. Lear being the big spoon. Maxx was instantly comforted feeling his dad’s closeness.

It’s no surprise that a young man like Maxx popped wood while snuggled in with his dad. It happens to all guys and especially a hot young stud like Maxx. He reached down to rub himself gently while feeling his dad’s chest hair rub gently across his back. The repetitive motion gently woke Mr. Lear up, who realized he had his arms wrapped around his son while the son was jerking himself!

Mr. Lear wanted to let Maxx know that he was okay with what was going on, so he slipped his own hand down to where he could lightly caress his son’s crotch. The jolt that sent through his young body was so intense!

Mr. Lear couldn’t help but chuckle a little; he remembers how horny he was when he was the same age as Maxx. Mr. Lear stroked a little harder, pulling his son’s underwear off as he rubbed. The boy’s cock instantly hit full-staff, and what a long, thick staff it is, too!

Mr. Lear repositioned himself so he could pull that big man-toy into his mouth. Maxx moaned in joy. This is more than he was expecting, even though it’s secretly what he was hoping for. Mr. Lear bobbed up and down on the hard cock, occasionally rubbing his son’s nipples for that occasional extra jolt of pure sexual sensation! Every nerve Maxx has in his body is on full horny alert!

Maxx felt Mr. Lear’s cock get hard, too. He’s horny as hell as well! Maxx flips around to give Mr. Lear a favor in return and slurps the daddy dick down his throat whole! The hairy hunk moans loudly; he doesn’t care who might hear! His son is giving him the best blowjob he’s ever had!

Maxx loves feeling that cock slide up and down in his throat. He times his breathing perfectly so Mr. Lear doesn’t have to adjust his rhythm. His wet throat feels so good to Mr. Lear, he gently wraps his hands around Maxx’ face to get as much of himself down that throat as he can!

Mr. Lear slides out of his son’s mouth and pulls his face up for a deep and passionate kiss. Max loves the closeness he feels and instinctively grinds up against his dad. A playful moment as the two men hold their dicks together and tandem jerk for a few moments. That gets Mr. Lear even hotter for his son’s sweet hole!

He positions himself gently at the opening and pushes his way in little-by-little. Maxx gets that incredible sensation of pleasure and a little pain as he opens up to take it all in. Soon, Maxx has his Dad’s entire cock firmly up his ass.

Mr. Lear checks one last time and, seeing the look of joy on his boy, starts pumping his cock up and down in his boy’s hole. Maxx is seeing stars at this point! Mr. Lear picks the pace up, feeling the heat from both his own dick and the reactions his horny son has from the fucking!

Maxx gets up on his knees so he can take the entire length! The feeling of his dad’s long dick balls-deep inside is super-erotic and he’s having the time of his life!

Mr. Lear flips Maxx onto his back so they can kiss while they fuck. Maxx loves the taste of his dad on his lips, and that same sensation is kicking Mr. Lear’s fucking into overdrive!

Moans and groan fill the room, growing until Mr. Lear says those magic words, “I’m gonna cum!”

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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