Noah White, Adam Snow

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Gaycest says: Young son Noah White’s smooth asshole fucked by hot daddy Adam Snow’s massive thick dick.

To briefly relax my jaw my dad was quite big, after all, I got undressed. As I did so, he stroked and watched intently. I could feel my nerves going crazy, but my lust was far more powerful.

I went back to servicing Dad’s cock with my mouth. He caressed my arm tenderly; the mix of affection and animalistic lust was intoxicating. Dad moaned, and after some time, he looked me in the eye and asked me to sit on it.

I had no hesitation, and my nerves were long gone. I hopped right onto his lap, ready to have my cherry popped.

His giant cock head popped right in, and I winced and whined a bit as I slowly slid down the rigid slab. But I was determined, and sooner than either of us could have fathomed, he was all the way in.

I gyrated up and down, bringing the entirety of his flesh in and out of me. The ride got easier the longer I bounced.

The chair squeaked as we picked up the pace. He told me he was close, and something about hearing that made me buck up and down even faster. It was like a switch was flipped inside me; my body just knew what to do.

Eventually, he shot his load. I could feel his warmth within me, smearing my insides and marking me in a way I would never forget. My ass was covered in his cum, the last drops of his orgasm dripping from my cheeks and onto his thigh.

I kissed him and jerked myself off, blowing my load all over my Dad’s chest. He scooped my load off his chest and tasted it. I suppose that meant my warmth was now in him, too.

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