Serg Shepard, Cain Marko

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Gaycest says: Young sexy boy Serg Shepard,’s hot hole stretched by older mature hunk Cain Marko’s huge thick dick Cain Marko has experienced some highly interesting—and occasionally incredibly difficult—periods in his life, but they seemed to pale in contrast to what he is currently dealing with. Cain was understandably a little anxious when he arrived at Kyiv International Airport in Ukraine early in the morning. The nation was ravaged by war, let alone the city. But he reasoned that it was worthwhile taking the chance since his goal was to complete the lucrative financial arrangement he had been working on for his New York City-based business partners. Cain had completed his business after a protracted day of discussions and what seemed like interminable paperwork to sign, and he made the decision to return to his hotel room. The handsome DILF was craving a local speciality, or more specifically, a gorgeous Ukrainian man to spend the evening with. Cain was delighted to come across some amusement. Serg, a blonde twink with a gorgeous buzzcut who appeared young, pings his hookup app. The boy arrived at Cain’s hotel room after exchanging some lewd, flirtatious DMs. Long and intense, their time together was far more valuable than Cain’s day’s labor. Serg and Cain shared a bed in the morning, grinning broadly and contentedly. The intimacy had been fantastic. The hugging that followed was probably just as pleasant. The smiling little Ukrainian boy leaned back into the hairy chest of the elder American businessman. Cain ran his fingers over the twink’s arms and soft chest. There were still a few hours before Serg had to check out of the hotel, so Cain extended an invitation to remain longer if he wished. Serg wished he could have stayed close to that lovely, muscular chest, but he knew he had to leave quickly to avoid worrying his mother. Cain had a feeling of dissatisfaction. Given that he had just recently met the youngster, he was unable to explain what had suddenly overcome him. Although Cain was completely floored by the young Ukrainian man’s accent and foxyness, there was something else about the young man. Serg had a very familiar quality to him, but Cain was unable to identify it. Serg got out of bed and sat up. He saw as Cain fixed him with a serious look of inquiry. He was certain that Cain didn’t want to go. Serg realized this and sprang from the bed, picking up his phone and going back to Cain’s side of the bed instead of dressing. Serg had a strong need to talk with Cain about something, though he wasn’t sure why. The child showed the American a recent picture of his mother on his phone screen after pulling up his phone. Cain raised an eagle brow; she was extremely lovely. When the kind-faced father politely stated that the kid acquired his fine looks from her, Serg blushed. Things then became very serious. Serg casually mentioned that his mother had in fact informed him that he resembled his father a lot. The young youngster had, regrettably, never met his father. It appears that Serg’s mother had a brief but intense relationship with a lovely, loving Mormon missionary roughly twenty years ago. This particular admission caused Cain to exhale quickly. Serg opened a new photo on his phone by swiping. This time, image was of a gorgeous man with sympathetic eyes and a nice smile who appeared to be dressed appropriately for church. But it wasn’t that that startled Cain. What got my attention was Serg’s claim that the man in the picture was likely his father. The man in the picture was also Cain’s brother, Cain was confident of this. The majority of the color in Cain’s face had faded. It’s conceivable that the man wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Serg, on the other hand, sat still as though any movement might sink them. As they thought about one another and their previous night’s activities together, their eyes moved from their phone screen to one another. From Serg’s perspective, the previous evening had started off without incident. The attractive young man was bored and horny when he brought up his applications and discovered an amazing catch: a strong, chiseled male from New York City was nearby searching for some steamy hotel room fun. The hungry twink immediately messaged the sexy guy since he most certainly had a thing for fathers. The little boy hurriedly checked in with his mother and informed her that he was “with a friend” but would check in later as he made his way down the hallway to Cain’s apartment. Serg hung up the phone, took a deep breath, and rapped on the door of the hotel room. In actuality, the man who opened the door for Serg seemed even more attractive than in his photographs. The attractive father had a huge, strong frame and a radiant grin. Serg couldn’t help but compliment Cain on his appearance, thinking that when someone looks so beautiful, you simply have to tell them. Serg cherished the way Cain regarded him. Cain appeared to be thirsty as he drank the youngster up with his gaze. The steam-up twink was stripped of his shirt and jeans by Cain, who then placed him belly-down on the mattress. The boy’s small, tight black briefs were the only thing that was left. Serg squealed and moaned as the skilled father softly placed his face into the boy’s bottom and breathed deeply as he liberally stroked his silky, fleecy beard all over the fabric. Young Serg couldn’t believe his good fortune in discovering such a skilled magician at this point. Serg was pleasantly surprised by Cain’s magnificent sexuality, which was displayed with such generosity and sincere yearning. But he wasn’t the only one who yearned; Cain urgently need a blowjob. The hungry twink gasped between mouthfuls and his eyes fluttered uncontrollably at the exquisite flavor and texture of Cain’s flesh, which Serg was more than pleased to supply. Most people would find Cain’s length and girth to be quite oppressive, but the little lad had no trouble fitting it all into his moist lips. If the pleased father had attempted to speak, the words would have simply flowed out as jumbled vowels. Even though they were together for hours, it seemed like only minutes. Serg was astounded by how electrified Cain’s tongue was to the touch. They made the bed springs groan with enthusiasm, but Serg never let the phrase leave his mouth for very long. Serg realized he wouldn’t be able to last much longer due to the pressure from his hole and the intensity of Cain’s kiss. Serg sang as his climax engulfed him totally. The powerful waves of ecstasy that shook his entire body constricted his tight, delicate rectum. Cain’s cock just need the constricting love tunnel to continue the bed-shaking orgasm. Cain pulled the child close to him as they had a suddenly profound moment that neither of them could really comprehend but for which they were still extremely thankful. As their thoughts and bodies settled in the warmth of their shared climax. Serg only wanted to savor the little interaction with this pleasantly surprising stranger. It was unfortunate that Serg had to depart quickly and would probably never see Mr. Marko again. See all Serg Shepard gay hardcore fuck sessions at Gaycest here. See all Cain Marko gay hardcore fuck sessions at Gaycest here.

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