Maxx Monroe, Jonah Wheeler

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Gaycest says: Young nephew Maxx Monroe’s virgin asshole fucked by uncle Jonah Wheeler’s massive cock.

Checkmate. Uncle Jonah’s chess skills surprised me. I joked that I was improving at the game, but we both knew I was playing catch-up. Finally, a game he could defeat me at, he nodded with a half-grin.

I’m easily sidetracked, so I probably could’ve played better. How could I not with Uncle Jonah across from me? During the match, I couldn’t stop staring at my uncle’s huge denim lump. He wore tight trousers during our games.

Gameplay wasn’t crucial. I wanted Uncle Jonah more as we played chess, strip poker, or other games. The sex following our previous chess battle was incredible. Our competitiveness brought out our animalistic sides.Our style of play brought unique thrills to winning and losing.

Sometimes you don’t need a winner. I observed Uncle Jonah’s tight trousers twitch after I said something that upset him. He smiled wolfishly.

I undressed after he moved the chess board. The horned DILF ran straight to my trousers and pulled them down before I could utter ‘Knight to Queen 69’. That’s action, right? It’s coming.

Uncle Jonah enjoyed licking my large shaft. I enjoyed when he would gently lick my big dick from the base to the pulsing cockhead. My randy uncle enjoyed the syrupy precum’s savoury taste as it flowed over his eager, heated lips.

My handsome uncle unbuttoned his jeans and took out his huge cock, making me gasp and groan uncontrollably. He rubbed and licked me. I almost swallowed him watching that. After Uncle Jonah worked his oral magic on my boy-wand for a while, we took off our clothes. He was a chess genius, but he had other plans.

I loved this game!

Uncle Jonah loved to finger my boy hole, withdraw out quickly, and replace his fingers with his tongue. He repeated this till I felt like I was about to explode from the intense sensations.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the ministrations. I also had to work hard to avoid firing my load up! Uncle Jonah stood up and pointed his foot-long dick at my hole just as I thought I was about to cum.

Oh, my sex gods. That afternoon, my uncle and I fucked almost frantically. I got used to my uncle’s huge spear as we had more sex.

Uncle Jonah’s powerfucking my boy-hole made me feel extremely grateful. Uncle Jonah’s breathing was laboured when I rammed my tight ass in the doggie position. I wondered whether he was kinging me by shooting. I guess we won!

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